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Advanced Telecommunications and Remote Control Systems Designed Exclusively for Your Project
Renaissance Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is a proven leader in developing and installing totally integrated portable remote control traffic management systems for highway work zones and construction sites nationwide.


As a proven innovator in the development of new hardware and the software to control it, RTI specializes in integrating traffic control and surveillance devices, telecommunications and computer networks into a unified, user friendly system.
RTI's flagship software, TrafAlert™ enables total control of roadside signs, sensors, highway advisory radios and cameras from a central location, the internet, or a cell phone.  Traffic conditions and advisories can be generated and broadcasted instantly via the internet, email or pager alerts, cell phones or statewide "511" interactive voice response systems enabling motorists to plan ahead.  These applications have been proven to ease traffic congestion making work zones safer for both construction personnel and commuters.
Integrated Systems

ARTCS - Automated Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

ATIS - Automated Traffic Informatiom Systems

ATMS - Automated Traffic Management Systems

AWIS - Automated Work Zone Information Systems

DLMS - Dynamic Lane Merge Systems

ITMS - Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

PCMS - PCMS Tracking and Control Systems

PTMS - Portable Traffic Management Systems

RTTCS - Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

RTTMS - Real-Time Traffic Management Systems

SWZ - Smart Work Zones

TAS - Traffic Advisory Systems

VSL - Variable Speed Limit Systems

VSMS - Vehicular Speed Monitoring Systems

WZTMS - Work Zone Traffic Management Systems


Roadside Field Devices
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